Spring Break Beaches


Spring break can be an exciting time as school or college lets out and there is the opportunity to cool off, especially if you can head to the beach! Yes, it is good at times to put the books away and let one's mind rest a bit. But spring break can also allow the student to catch up on reading, studies, and projects if needed or desired.

The beaches of northwest Florida along the Gulf of Mexico, including Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Highway 30A beaches, and Panama City Beach have long been a spring break destination for students.

Spring break usually lasts a week in the spring, usually March or April, although it can easily last two weeks. The week off is different for the various colleges and school districts around the nation so that it may seem that spring break lasts a long time, especially if you live or work in an area where spring breakers like to visit.

While many spring breakers may search for their travel destination on an individual basis, many will coordinate to travel as a group or at least mean to travel to the same destination.

In order to attract spring breakers, many travel agencies and localities will put together spring break travel packages in the hope of attracting larger groups of spring breakers.

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